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ICCI 2013
Energy Awards Have Found Their New Owners
"The Most Successful Power Plants" Have Been Identified

The traditional ICCI Energy Awards, organised within the scope of the ICCI – Energy and Environment Exhibition and Conference each year, found their new owners at a grand ceremony organised by Sektörel Fuarcılık, in Ankara.

A total of 12 prizes in two categories were presented to the winners by Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Erol Kaya, Chairman of the Environment Commission of the TGNA, Soner Aksoy, Kütahya MP, İsmail Kaşdemir, Çanakkale MP, Zeki Aygün Kocaeli MP, and Hasan Köktaş, President of the Energy Market Regulation Authority.

The Energy Awards, which 50 of Turkey's most significant leading companies in the energy sector have applied for, have found their new owners at an awards ceremony organised in JW Mariott Hotel in Ankara, on September 24th, 2013.

Organising Turkey's biggest energy and environment conference and exhibition, sector's leading company Sektörel Fuarcılık awarded Turkey's most successful energy projects for the third time. Within the scope of ICCI Energy Awards, known as Turkey's most prestigious competition, in total 12 prizes were awarded in two different categories.

Award Winning Power Plants
In the Renewable Energy Power Plants section, in Hydroelectricity category, Sıra Konaklar Regulator and Hydraulic Power Plant, owned by 2M Enerji Üretim A.Ş., in Wind Power category, Ziyaret Wind Power Plant owned by Fina Energy and Çatalca Wind Power Plant owned by Sanko Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş., in Geothermal Energy category, Maren Germencik Geothermal Power Plant (Deniz) owned by Maren Maraş Elek. Ürt. San. ve Tic. A.Ş., in Biomass and Waste Category, Nevşehir Factory of Mey A.Ş. were awarded prizes. On the other hand, in Thermal Power Plants section, in Waste Heat category, Bursa Trakya Glass Factory owned by Trakya Yenişehir Cam Sanayi A.Ş., in Natural Gas category, Bandırma 1 Natural Gas Conversion Power Plant owned by Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., in Coal category, Bekirli Power Plant owned by İçdaş Çelik Enerji Tersane ve Ulaşım San. A.Ş. and Silopi Thermal Power Plant owned by Ciner Group were found worthy of receiving awards.

Jury Special Prize winning Power Plants

In Biomass and Waste Category, Kocaeli Treatment Mud Drying Plant owned by Nuh Çimento San. A.Ş., in solar power category, Özyeğin University Photovoltaic Power Plant owned by Fina Energy, and in Natural Gas category, Ak Gıda Co-generation Plant owned by Ak Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. were awarded the jury special prize.

130 Billion Dollars Investment in Energy
In his speech at the ceremony, Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stating that the energy family is one and united, said: "Today, whether related to renewable energy resources, or related to domestic and imported energy resources, you are the actors playing an important role in Turkey's growth. With the public and private sector talking the same language, we shall complete 2013 with excess production. This will never make us lethargic. Because, the targets fixed for 2013 will make it necessary for us to make new investments, and is pushing us to plan an investment of 130 billion US Dollars. Our strategy is evident, our policies are evident, and our investigations with respect to these are evident".

Energy Efficiency in Industry is Going to Take Off from Konya
Expressing that they are aiming to set up a chain system, Minister Yıldız informed that they would start the efficiency in industry from Konya, soon. Saying that the figures gathered so far were very impressive, stressed that it was possible to save around 15 billion TL with measurable, identifiable and highlightable figures, with the environment, not against.

Yıldız added: "We believe that we are going to be successful in achieving this. All the actions related to legislations, regulations and implementations show us that some of these are returning to us. Of course, with energy saving of up to 70 percent in houses, all savings that would be performed by the public buildings together with the private sector, by changing the motors used in the industry, we have seen altogether that substantial amounts could have been saved. Among you, there are some companies who have done that. From the investors who have deserved to win these prizes, we know that they have managed to arrive this point, just through savings."

There will be a saving of 43 Billion KWh
Stating that with 720 million Liras of investment in the power generation plants in the last 8 years, 43 billion kWh of energy was to be saved, Yıldız said: "With 2 billion TL of investment we are going to make in the next period, our savings will increase by 700 million TL. Similarly, the pilot projects we have implemented on Dikmen Road and Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Road have shown us that a minimum of around 41% savings could have been achieved. If we consider that in agricultural irrigation, 18 thousand pumps consume 43 billion kWh of energy, the investments in agricultural irrigation will pay themselves and there will be colossal savings in that field, too."

The most domestic resources we have in hand are the Savings in Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Continuing his speech by saying: "We know that the most domestic resources we have in hand are the Savings in Energy and Energy Efficiency", Minister Yıldız added: "Either generated from the imported natural gas and coal, or from domestic resources such as domestic coal, renewable energy sources such as water, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass, the core of all energies, are the energy savings and energy efficiency. We have to know that we have entered am era that we are no longer consumers, but users. Especially with energy structure of 72% based on imported fuel, pushes us to be more careful."

The biggest harm to the environment friends
Erol Kaya, the Chairman of the Environment Commission of the TGNA, and AK Party Istanbul MP, said that with Turkey's signing of the Kyoto Protocol, opening of the European Union Environment Chapter, the crimes committed against the environment taken into the context of the Turkish Criminal Law, are all prove that Turkey is determined to continue without sacrificing the nature.

Erol Kaya continued: "We are the members of such a civilisation that, 'even if you know that the holocaust is soon, plant the shoot you have in your hand' was commanded to us. We have been brought up with the love trees. It is not possible to accept what have been done. We have to examine very closely what happened in Taksim yesterday, and what is happening in METU today. The actions have now been diverted off being sensitive of the environment, but have taken an ideological path. I need to say that the biggest harm is being given by the exploitative gangs are given to the friends of the nature and the lovers of the trees."

Energy Sector is Growing Fast
Hasan Köktaş, the Chairman of the Energy Market Regulation Authority, stated that the size of the Energy sector got bigger in Turkey by the day and in order to continue this rise, they cooperated with the relevant institutions for providing financing and that they worked very hard to supply the man power, most required by the sector.


The Energy Sector is Gaining New Brands with Prizes
Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and the President of ICCI Executive Board, Dr. Selahattin Çimen expressed that the energy sector in Turkey underwent a serious reformation process and this process still continued. Stressing that the public sector institutions and private sector companies very quickly adopted that process, and the importance of activities in this period such as ICCI exhibitions and conferences, as well as the events such as energy awards, Çimen said: "Having evaluated the successful activities of the companies active in the sector, this sort of activities have helped to create new brands in the sector."


The Prizes Create Excitement Each Year
In his opening speech, Süleyman Bulak, president of Sektörel Fuarcılık, saying that the interest of the companies increased each year on the ICCI Energy Awards, the prizes created excitement in the sector each year, continued: "All Power Plants applied, were given points by our jury members, based on measurable criteria, and the Power Plants that collected maximum points in each category were found worthy of the Energy Award Prizes."